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Lighthouse Christian Academy

Educating for Eternity

Picture Day - Monday, Sept. 14

Vision & Mission

As a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Lighthouse Christian Academy exists to help educate and train children, both to be productive members of society and to serve the Lord with their lives. At LCA, we aim to educate and train students in every area of life.


Assist the Christian home in educating young people for an eternity - Educating for Eternity


Provide young people with every opportunity to graduate, being fully capable of pursuing God's purpose for their lives and impacting their world for the cause of Christ.

Important Information


The Abeka curriculum has been developed and refined over the last 50 years in schools across the United States. Because of its strong traditional perspective, we have chosen this as the curriculum for our school.

Annual Tuition:

$3,000 (K4-2nd in traditional classrooms)

$2,500 (3rd-12th in video streaming classroom with onside teacher for assistance)

Tuition is paid on a 10-month cycle from August to May. Students who enroll in the school after the beginning of the school year will have a prorated tuition based on the time remaining in the school year.

Scholarships and specific discounts are available on a limited basis. Please call the school office for more specific details.


Yearly registration         $50 (per family)

Books/materials/testing    $125 (per K4 student)

Books/materials/testing    $300 (per K5-12th student)

This is not a complete summary of fees and costs. Additional fees for field trips or school activities will be presented upon a case-by-case basis. Please contact the school office for more details concerning any additional cost.


The K4 and K5 classes are combined. They receive their grade level of teaching for core classes while combining for non-core classes. The 1st and 2nd grade classes are combined. The 3rd - 6th grade classes are combined in are combined in one classroom with their video streaming set up and onsite teacher for assistance. The junior high and high school grades are also combined in different classroom with their video streaming and onsite teacher for assistance.

The class sizes run less than 15 per classroom. This lends towards more one-on-one assistance to individual needs.


Our school strongly centers around the Word of God. It is interwoven into every subject! We also love having chapel services on Thursdays. This is a fun time of songs and activities and a great time of preaching! Our vision of "Educating for Eternity" must start in the heart of each student, and that is the heart of our chapel services.

LCA Parent Testimonies

Jenna Harmon