Next Steps

If you are interested in growing your relationship with God, here's the steps to get there!

Step One: Visit A Service

Lighthouse Baptist Church strives to make your visit a friendly and enjoyable experience. You will enjoy inspiring music, obtain biblical teaching and preaching, and meet friendly people. Join us for our next service. Sunday morning worship services begin at 10:45 am; Sunday Evening services are at 6:00 pm and Wednesdays in the Word begin at 6:30 pm. We have a service to meet your needs. Lighthouse Baptist Church welcomes guests to any of our services and encourages you bring a friend!

Step Two: Join a Small Group

Small groups meet for fellowship, bible study time and prayer. Lighthouse Baptist Church has a group for you! We have small groups for what ever stage of life you may be in today. Let our small groups welcome you into our church family, share in your prayers and praises, help you plan your path and grow in your walk with God. Our Small Groups meet Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.

Step Three: Become a Member

There are 3 ways to become a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church:

Baptism after Salvation:

After you have accepted Jesus Christ as you personal Saviour, the Bible teaches us to be baptized as a public professions of your faith. Upon being Baptized, you will then be added to the membership of Lighthouse Baptist Church.

Statement of Faith or Transfer of Letter:

If you have already accepted Christ and have been baptized in a like minded Baptist church, you may present your testimony of salvation and be voted into membership. If you are a born again Christian that has been previously baptized and are interested in becoming a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church, contact Pastor Burkett or Brother Reece.

Statement of Faith By Baptism:

If you have accepted Christ and have not been baptized in a Baptist church of like faith, to become a member, you will be asked to publicly identify with Christ and the Lighthouse Baptist Church by being baptized into our membership. Lighthouse Baptist Church is committed to maintaining a doctrinal unity in this day of confusion and doctrinal compromise. If you believe that God has led you to this church, and if you understand that baptism is simply a testimony of your faith, we invite you to identify with Christ and the Lighthouse Baptist Church by being baptized as the Lord leads you.

Step Four: New Members Class

We are be happy to welcome you into our family here at Lighthouse Baptist Church.

Membership is finalized upon completion of our Core class, which meets periodically throughout the year. If you are interested in the New Members Class, fill out the contact form below and we will contact you regarding this helpful class.

Step Five: Discipleship

Lighthouse Baptist Church members are becoming grounded in their faith and learning answers to their spiritual questions. We utilize the Continue discipleship program. When you enroll in discipleship, you will be placed with an experienced Christian who will help guide you in your new-found faith.

If you are interested in taking the next step, or even the first step, please let us know with the form below and we will be get back to you with more information!