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LCA Tuition & Costs

These items are all listed in our financial contract.

LCA Tuition & Costs

We work hard to keep our prices down and quality up!

Through fundraisers, church support, and tuition, we are able to offer a great program at a reasonable cost.

Annual Tuition:

$3,000 (K4-2nd in traditional classrooms)

$2,500 (3rd-12th in video streaming classrooms with onsite teacher for assistance)

Tuition is paid on a 10-month cycle from August to May. Students who enroll in the school after the beginning of the school year will have a prorated tuition based on the time remaining in the school year.

Scholarships and specific discounts are available on a limited basis. Please call the school office for more specific details.


Yearly registration         $50 (per family)

Books/materials/testing    $125 (per K4 student)

Books/materials/testing    $300 (per K5-12th student)

This is not a complete summary of fees and costs. Additional fees for field trips or school activities will be presented upon a case-by-case basis. Please contact the school office for more details concerning any additional cost.

Would you like to help a student?

Want to be a blessing to the school, but do not have a student enrolled?

Want to help out a particular school family with their tuition?

This is the place to do it!