LCA Tuition & Costs

These items are all listed in our financial contract.

LCA Tuition & Costs

We work hard to keep our prices down and quality up!

We are able to offer a great program at a reasonable cost through fundraisers, church support, and tuition.

Annual Tuition:

$3,000 (K4-6th in traditional classrooms)

$2,500 (7th-12th in video streaming classrooms with onsite teacher for assistance)

Tuition is computed on an annual basis and is paid on a 10-month cycle from August to May. Students who enroll in the school after the beginning of the school year will have a prorated tuition based on the time remaining in the school year.

K4 and K5 are half-day programs and dismiss at noon. "Extended Day" will continue to be available for an addition $100 per month. This includes lunch time (packed lunch from home), nap time, and activity time. Please contact the school office to specifically enroll for "Extended Day" hours.

Scholarships and specific discounts are available on a limited basis. Please call the school office for more specific details.


Yearly registration         $50 (per family)

Books/materials/testing    $150 (per K4 student)

Books/materials/testing    $325 (per K5-12th student)

The book/material/testing fee includes books, all testing fees (standardized, diagnostic, reading), administrative fees, and supply fees.

This is not a complete summary of fees and costs. Additional fees for field trips or school activities will be presented upon a case-by-case basis. Please contact the school office for more details concerning any additional cost.

Would you like to help a student?

Want to be a blessing to the school, but do not have a student enrolled?

Want to help out a particular school family with their tuition?

This is the place to do it!

***There is a 3% payment fee through the Pay Pay payment portal***