Lighthouse Christian Academy

As a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Lighthouse Christian Academy exists to help educate and train children both to be productive members of society and to serve the Lord with their lives. At Lighthouse Christian Academy, we aim to educate and train students in every area of life:


-grow in Christian character

-equip for lifetime of faithful service

-develop love for God


-excellent academics

-vibrant learning environment

-interactive activities


-times of physical activity

-physical education


-achieve full potential

-love for country

Important Dates
August 17 @ 6pm                          Parent-Student Orientation

August 22 @ 8am                          First Day of Classes

September 3                                 No School – Labor Day

September 7                                 Picture Day


Frequently Asked Questions


The A Beka curriculum has been developed and refined over the last 50 years in schools across the United States. Because of its strong traditional perspective, we have chosen this as the curriculum for our school. And, we also offer many extracurricular activities, including physical education, keyboarding, music, and drama.

Uniform Policy


— Collared shirts (no logos/ads)

— Slacks/nice jeans (no holes) with belt

— Enclosed shoes with socks


— Any shirt not lower than 3 finger’s breadth below collar bone (no logos/ads)

— Knee-length skirts, skorts, or dresses

— Close-toed shoes with socks/stockings


First Child           $2,750 per year

Second Child      $2,250 per year

7th-12th Grade   $2,250 per year

Tuition is paid on a 10-month cycle from August to May. Students who enroll in the school after the beginning of the school year will have a prorated tuition based on the time remaining in the school year.


Yearly registration                   $50 (per family)

Books/materials/testing         $125 (per K4 student)

Books/materials/testing         $275 (per K5-12th student)

School ID Fee (optional)          $5/each

This is not a complete summary of fees and costs. Additional fees for field trips or school activities will be presented upon a case-by-case basis. Please contact the school office for more details concerning any additional cost.

School Staff

A dedicated staff is key to the school’s success.  We provide a hands-on, individual, and personalized learning enviornment for each student.  Our teachers are accessible and communicate well with parents.

Caleb Adkins

Caleb Adkins

Dean of Academic Affairs

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Jenny Bashore

Jenny Bashore


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Truleigh Trennepohl

Truleigh Trennepohl

Elementary Education

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Sarah Lovett

Sarah Lovett

Elementary Education

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Jessica Chontos

Jessica Chontos

Elementary Education

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William Bashore

William Bashore

High School

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Abbie Lillebo

Abbie Lillebo

Elementary Education

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Sheila Sparks

Sheila Sparks

Elementary Paraprofessional

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Kaitie Schallenberger

Kaitie Schallenberger

Elementary Education

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Terese Lopez

Terese Lopez

Middle School

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